Digging a Basement Walkout in Milwaukie

To quite a few Milwaukie homeowners, the idea of a basement walkout seems like something you’d see on an older home or property that requires a cellar door for hurricane shelter. However, basement walkouts are an updated and classy way to add efficiency and value to your home.

As basement excavation contractors, at Will And Son's Excavation LLC, we love to work with our clients to create custom walkouts that suit their home and their needs.

From staircases built for pure necessity to separate a home for rental purposes, to larger designs leading out to a home’s patio and entertainment area, we can complete any basement excavation on time and within budget.

Basement Digging for Any Home

While the majority of basement walkouts are built at the same time as the rest of the home on a slanting property, there are other options when it comes to adding one to your home.

However, this is no job for an amateur excavation worker!

Using scoop excavation machinery, we’ll be working to enforce your foundation and dig into the ground creating ample space for your walkout at the same time. Once the ground is prepared, we’ll be able to move forward installing your basement walkout.

Stylish Stairs

When working out your basement excavation costs, it’s important to take into account what sort of materials you’ll be using for your stairs, landing, and door.

At Will And Son's Excavation LLC, we pride ourselves in being able to match existing materials to create a seamless look, blending the rest of your home with your walkout flawlessly.


Most commonly recommended for this type of build, concrete stairs are strong, solid, and can be poured to fit into any space. While concrete can suffer from chips, in the big picture it’s one of your best options and can stand the test of time. Not to mention, if you choose to work with stamped concrete you can imitate any other material you like!


Metal stairs are a big draw for many contemporary design fans in Milwaukie. Durable and lightweight, they can fit into tight spaces if necessary. However, their color can change over time and depending on how they are constructed they can become slippery in the elements.


Affordable, strong, and easy to work with, wood is the classic option when it comes to stairs. However, it is less durable and susceptible to humidity making it not an optimal choice for a basement walkout.

Your walkout can also be constructed of brick, glass, or acrylic, and of course there are a wide variety of colors and coatings available. Creativity is important to the Will And Son's Excavation LLC team!

Let’s Get Started!

At Will And Son's Excavation LLC, seeing what all of our unique Milwaukie clients have in mind when they get in touch about digging out a basement walkout is the best part of our day. You can rely on our fully licensed and bonded team of experts to complete any job with an extra level of creativity and professionalism, all while working within a budget and timeline.

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